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  • Compound name: Synergize

  • Chemical Class: QAC-Glutaraldehyde

  • Description: Synergize has outperformed many of today's widely used disinfectant compounds, including; phenols, quaternary ammoniums, peroxygens, chlorhexidines, chlorine dioxides, and formaldehyde/quat combinations. Synergize combines the proven germicidal ability of Glutaraldehyde with the superior detergency and penetrating action of Quaternary Ammonium Chloride (QAC). This creates a unique synergistic effect, providing broad spectrum germicidal activity. Its unique combination of high powered germicidal activity, user-friendliness, have made it part of the biosecurity protocol for many of today's leading pork producers. use in animal and poultry housing facilities and hatcheries, swine producing facilities, equine facilities, ratite facilities, farm premises, calf pens, veal barns, as well as waterers, feeders, hauling and loading equipment, farm vehicles, farrowing barns, nurseries, blocks, creep areas and chutes.

  • Database Links: DIN: 02260336

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