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Gene_nameExperimentally Verified Resistance Gene InformationPredicted Resistance Gene Information
  • BacMet ID: BAC0221
  • Code for: Efflux
  • Family: Multi antimicrobial extrusion (MATE) family (MepA subfamily)
  • Sequence: FASTA
  • Cross-database IDs: Link
  • Organism: Only gram +ve, Staphylococcus aureus
  • Location: Chromosome
  • Compound: Chlorhexidine [class: Biguanides], Ethidium Bromide [class: Phenanthridine], Tetraphenylphosphonium (TPP) [class: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)], Acriflavine [class: Acridine], Rhodamine 6G [class: Xanthene], Dequalinium [class: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)], Pentadiamine [class: Diamidine], Trimethylamine-diphenylhexatriene (TMA-DPH) [class: Diphenylhexatriene], Benzylkonium Chloride (BAC) [class: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)], Cetrimide (CTM) [class: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)], Crystal Violet [class: Triarylmethane], Pyronin Y [class: Xanthene]
  • Description: Multidrug Export protein, Multidrug resistance efflux protein By similarity. Contributes to resistance to the glycylcycline antibiotic tigecycline, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin etc.
  • Length (amino acid): 451
  • Reference: McAleese et al. 2005; Pubmed- 15855508, Kaatz et al. 2005; Pubmed- 15855507, Huet et al. 2008; Pubmed- 18832320

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