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Result: Your query found 20 resistance gene(s) from the BacMet Predicted database

Gene name
GI number
GenBank ID
NCBI annotation
vexE150373004 BAF66268.1 FASTA Vibrio choleraeEthidium Bromide multidrug efflux transporter VexE
vexE340048378 EGR09300.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae HE48Ethidium Bromide efflux transporter, RND family, MFP subunit
vexE254226737 ZP_04920313.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae V51Ethidium Bromide conserved hypothetical protein
vexE229520919 ZP_04410341.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae TM 11079-80Ethidium Bromide membrane-fusion protein
vexE341647920 EGS71994.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae BJG-01Ethidium Bromide efflux transporter, RND family, MFP subunit
vexE153801738 ZP_01956324.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae MZO-3Ethidium Bromide conserved hypothetical protein
vexE297580754 ZP_06942680.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae RC385Ethidium Bromide conserved hypothetical protein
vexE153829116 ZP_01981783.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae 623-39Ethidium Bromide conserved hypothetical protein
vexE254291235 ZP_04962030.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae AM-19226Ethidium Bromide conserved hypothetical protein
vexE15640648 NP_230277.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor str. N16961Ethidium Bromide hypothetical protein VC0628
vexE229512890 ZP_04402357.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae TMA 21Ethidium Bromide membrane-fusion protein
vexE153217141 ZP_01950905.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae 1587Ethidium Bromide conserved hypothetical protein
vexE341635732 EGS60438.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae HE-09Ethidium Bromide efflux transporter, RND family, MFP subunit
vexE229525280 ZP_04414685.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae bv. albensis VL426Ethidium Bromide membrane-fusion protein
vexE258625583 ZP_05720469.1 FASTA Vibrio mimicus VM603Ethidium Bromide conserved hypothetical protein
vexE342323090 EGU18876.1 FASTA Vibrio mimicus SX-4Ethidium Bromide hypothetical protein SX4_3576
vexE262163958 ZP_06031697.1 FASTA Vibrio mimicus VM223Ethidium Bromide membrane-fusion protein
vexE262172296 ZP_06039974.1 FASTA Vibrio mimicus MB-451Ethidium Bromide membrane-fusion protein
vexE262401674 ZP_06078240.1 FASTA Vibrio sp. RC586Ethidium Bromide membrane-fusion protein
vexE261212261 ZP_05926547.1 FASTA Vibrio sp. RC341Ethidium Bromide membrane-fusion protein

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