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Result: Your query found 16 resistance gene(s) from the BacMet Predicted database

Gene name
GI number
GenBank ID
NCBI annotation
tupB14330289 CAC40783.1 FASTA Eubacterium acidaminophilumTungsten (W) permease component of tungstate ABC transporter
tupB310779101 YP_003967434.1 FASTA Ilyobacter polytropus DSM 2926Tungsten (W) unnamed protein product
tupB158321240 YP_001513747.1 FASTA Alkaliphilus oremlandii OhILAsTungsten (W) binding-protein-dependent transport system inner membrane protein
tupB310826804 YP_003959161.1 FASTA Eubacterium limosum KIST612Tungsten (W) unnamed protein product
tupB150388850 YP_001318899.1 FASTA Alkaliphilus metalliredigens QYMFTungsten (W) binding-protein-dependent transport systems inner membrane component
tupB300855195 YP_003780179.1 FASTA Clostridium ljungdahlii DSM 13528Tungsten (W) unnamed protein product
tupB255526556 ZP_05393464.1 FASTA Clostridium carboxidivorans P7Tungsten (W) binding-protein-dependent transport systems inner membrane component
tupB343178986 CCC58058.1 FASTA Caloramator australicus RC3Tungsten (W) ABC-type tungstate transport system, permease protein
tupB170755681 YP_001781509.1 FASTA Clostridium botulinum B1 str. OkraTungsten (W) tungstate ABC transporter permease
tupB168184932 ZP_02619596.1 FASTA Clostridium botulinum BfTungsten (W) tungstate ABC transporter, permease protein
tupB148379907 YP_001254448.1 FASTA Clostridium botulinum A str. ATCC 3502Tungsten (W) tupB gene product
tupB170761235 YP_001787340.1 FASTA Clostridium botulinum A3 str. Loch MareeTungsten (W) tungstate ABC transporter permease
tupB365977507 EHN13606.1 FASTA Clostridium sporogenes PA3679Tungsten (W) tungstate ABC transporter, permease protein
tupB187779447 ZP_02995920.1 FASTA Clostridium sporogenes ATCC 15579Tungsten (W) hypothetical protein CLOSPO_03043
tupB153940317 YP_001391270.1 FASTA Clostridium botulinum F str. LangelandTungsten (W) tungstate ABC transporter permease
tupB168179655 ZP_02614319.1 FASTA Clostridium botulinum NCTC 2916Tungsten (W) tungstate ABC transporter, permease protein

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