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Gene name
GI number
GenBank ID
NCBI annotation
trgA2314827 AAB95446.1 FASTA Rhodobacter sphaeroidesTellurium (Te) TrgA
trgA77462695 YP_352199.1 FASTA Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1Tellurium (Te) trgA gene product
trgA126461588 YP_001042702.1 FASTA Rhodobacter sphaeroides ATCC 17029Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA332557578 ZP_08411900.1 FASTA Rhodobacter sphaeroides WS8NTellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA146276867 YP_001167026.1 FASTA Rhodobacter sphaeroides ATCC 17025Tellurium (Te) hypothetical protein Rsph17025_0817
trgA254463698 ZP_05077109.1 FASTA Rhodobacterales bacterium Y4ITellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA254511358 ZP_05123425.1 FASTA Rhodobacteraceae bacterium KLH11Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA86139924 ZP_01058489.1 FASTA Roseobacter sp. MED193Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA56696793 YP_167154.1 FASTA Ruegeria pomeroyi DSS-3Tellurium (Te) trgA gene product
trgA346992468 ZP_08860540.1 FASTA Ruegeria sp. TW15Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA89069101 ZP_01156474.1 FASTA Oceanicola granulosus HTCC2516Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA163736267 ZP_02143686.1 FASTA Phaeobacter gallaeciensis BS107Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA126731392 ZP_01747199.1 FASTA Sagittula stellata E-37Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA149202512 ZP_01879484.1 FASTA Roseovarius sp. TM1035Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA254475421 ZP_05088807.1 FASTA Ruegeria sp. R11Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA126737576 ZP_01753306.1 FASTA Roseobacter sp. SK209-2-6Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA260426028 ZP_05780007.1 FASTA Citreicella sp. SE45Tellurium (Te) TrgA
trgA85702998 ZP_01034102.1 FASTA Roseovarius sp. 217Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA339503746 YP_004691166.1 FASTA Roseobacter litoralis Och 149Tellurium (Te) hypothetical protein RLO149_c022280
trgA259416002 ZP_05739922.1 FASTA Silicibacter sp. TrichCH4BTellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA110679557 YP_682564.1 FASTA Roseobacter denitrificans OCh 114Tellurium (Te) trgA gene product
trgA294678476 YP_003579091.1 FASTA Rhodobacter capsulatus SB 1003Tellurium (Te) hypothetical protein RCAP_rcc02957
trgA163746387 ZP_02153745.1 FASTA Oceanibulbus indolifex HEL-45Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA149914835 ZP_01903365.1 FASTA Roseobacter sp. AzwK-3bTellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA84684769 ZP_01012669.1 FASTA Maritimibacter alkaliphilus HTCC2654Tellurium (Te) Tellurite resistance protein
trgA372281899 ZP_09517935.1 FASTA Oceanicola sp. S124Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA84517102 ZP_01004458.1 FASTA Loktanella vestfoldensis SKA53Tellurium (Te) Tellurite resistance protein
trgA254487676 ZP_05100881.1 FASTA Roseobacter sp. GAI101Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA254459578 ZP_05072994.1 FASTA Rhodobacterales bacterium HTCC2083Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein TrgA
trgA114764325 ZP_01443553.1 FASTA Pelagibaca bermudensis HTCC2601Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA126735835 ZP_01751580.1 FASTA Roseobacter sp. CCS2Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA89054482 YP_509933.1 FASTA Jannaschia sp. CCS1Tellurium (Te) unnamed protein product
trgA159044859 YP_001533653.1 FASTA Dinoroseobacter shibae DFL 12Tellurium (Te) hypothetical protein Dshi_2316
trgA83942469 ZP_00954930.1 FASTA Sulfitobacter sp. EE-36Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein
trgA84502963 ZP_01001065.1 FASTA Oceanicola batsensis HTCC2597Tellurium (Te) tellurite resistance protein

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