BacMet Predicted Database

Result: Your query found 228 resistance gene(s) from the BacMet Predicted database

Gene name
GI number
GenBank ID
NCBI annotation
nfsA16128819 NP_415372.1 FASTA Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A, NADPH-dependent, FMN-dependent
nfsA15099967 AAK84183.1 FASTA synthetic constructChromium (Cr) glutathione-S-transferase-nitroreductase A fusion protein
nfsA332342236 AEE55570.1 FASTA Escherichia coli UMNK88Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase NfsA
nfsA378093705 EHW55509.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC9DChromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA378138042 EHW99303.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC10FChromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA209918100 YP_002292184.1 FASTA Escherichia coli SE11Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA339413873 AEJ55545.1 FASTA Escherichia coli UMNF18Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase (Modulator ofdrug activity A)
nfsA377998983 EHV62070.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC6AChromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA378018056 EHV80923.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC7AChromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA331641372 ZP_08342507.1 FASTA Escherichia coli H736Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase (Modulator ofdrug activity A)
nfsA300823992 ZP_07104114.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 119-7Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase family protein
nfsA194428159 ZP_03060702.1 FASTA Escherichia coli B171Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA332088890 EGI94002.1 FASTA Shigella boydii 5216-82Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA157160373 YP_001457691.1 FASTA Escherichia coli HSChromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA293414129 ZP_06656778.1 FASTA Escherichia coli B185Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA345380460 EGX12359.1 FASTA Escherichia coli G58-1Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA218694325 YP_002401992.1 FASTA Escherichia coli 55989Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA378188602 EHX49198.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC12DChromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA82776070 YP_402417.1 FASTA Shigella dysenteriae Sd197Chromium (Cr) mdaA gene product
nfsA320177815 EFW52801.1 FASTA Shigella boydii ATCC 9905Chromium (Cr) Oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA74311395 YP_309814.1 FASTA Shigella sonnei Ss046Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA215485982 YP_002328413.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O127:H6 str. E2348/69Chromium (Cr) nfsA gene product
nfsA15800603 NP_286617.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EDL933Chromium (Cr) mdaA gene product
nfsA371611827 EHO00346.1 FASTA Escherichia coli E101Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA26246874 NP_752914.1 FASTA Escherichia coli CFT073Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA333968810 AEG35615.1 FASTA Escherichia coli NA114Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA331651866 ZP_08352885.1 FASTA Escherichia coli M718Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase (Modulator ofdrug activity A)
nfsA315299401 EFU58653.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 16-3Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase family protein
nfsA306812700 ZP_07446893.1 FASTA Escherichia coli NC101Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA191166199 ZP_03028033.1 FASTA Escherichia coli B7AChromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA333008844 EGK28304.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri K-272Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA30062333 NP_836504.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri 2a str. 2457TChromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA320175291 EFW50397.1 FASTA Shigella dysenteriae CDC 74-1112Chromium (Cr) Oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA24112221 NP_706731.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri 2a str. 301Chromium (Cr) mdaA gene product
nfsA218704275 YP_002411794.1 FASTA Escherichia coli UMN026Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA323967286 EGB62709.1 FASTA Escherichia coli M863Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA301020637 ZP_07184710.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 69-1Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase family protein
nfsA293409226 ZP_06652802.1 FASTA Escherichia coli B354Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA170681760 YP_001742958.1 FASTA Escherichia coli SMS-3-5Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA377986529 EHV49719.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC5EChromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA331672391 ZP_08373182.1 FASTA Escherichia coli TA280Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase (Modulator ofdrug activity A)
nfsA320637717 EFX07509.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. G5101Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA333020152 EGK39422.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri K-227Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA281600174 ADA73158.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri 2002017Chromium (Cr) Modulator of drug activity A
nfsA338771175 EGP25923.1 FASTA Escherichia coli PCN033Chromium (Cr) Oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA373246641 EHP66093.1 FASTA Escherichia coli 4_1_47FAAChromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA371603845 EHN92480.1 FASTA Escherichia coli B093Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA331662263 ZP_08363186.1 FASTA Escherichia coli TA143Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase (Modulator ofdrug activity A)
nfsA366159058 ZP_09458920.1 FASTA Escherichia sp. TW09308Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA218548370 YP_002382161.1 FASTA Escherichia fergusonii ATCC 35469Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA324112668 EGC06644.1 FASTA Escherichia fergusonii B253Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA296103166 YP_003613312.1 FASTA Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA16764236 NP_459851.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium str. LT2Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA168819963 ZP_02831963.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Weltevreden str. HI_N05-537Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA224582724 YP_002636522.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Paratyphi C strain RKS4594Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA56414036 YP_151111.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Paratyphi A str. ATCC 9150Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA261246130 CBG23933.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium str. D23580Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA365969709 YP_004951270.1 FASTA Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1Chromium (Cr) nfsA gene product
nfsA353621979 EHC71660.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Minnesota str. A4-603Chromium (Cr) Oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA16759784 NP_455401.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhi str. CT18Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA161503964 YP_001571076.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. arizonae serovar 62:z4,z23:-- str. RSK2980Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA200391106 ZP_03217717.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Virchow str. SL491Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA204929800 ZP_03220821.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Javiana str. GA_MM04042433Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA168230780 ZP_02655838.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Kentucky str. CDC 191Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA339998772 YP_004729655.1 FASTA Salmonella bongori NCTC 12419Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA238913392 ZP_04657229.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Tennessee str. CDC07-0191Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA168236818 ZP_02661876.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Schwarzengrund str. SL480Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA295096452 CBK85542.1 FASTA Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae NCTC 9394Chromium (Cr) Nitroreductase
nfsA288549412 ZP_05967018.2 FASTA Enterobacter cancerogenus ATCC 35316Chromium (Cr) hypothetical protein ENTCAN_05383
nfsA4336996 AAD18027.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar TyphimuriumChromium (Cr) nitroreductase A homolog
nfsA237730834 ZP_04561315.1 FASTA Citrobacter sp. 30_2Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA365105621 ZP_09334770.1 FASTA Citrobacter freundii 4_7_47CFAAChromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA283784614 YP_003364479.1 FASTA Citrobacter rodentium ICC168Chromium (Cr) nfsA gene product
nfsA157146496 YP_001453815.1 FASTA Citrobacter koseri ATCC BAA-895Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA334122701 ZP_08496737.1 FASTA Enterobacter hormaechei ATCC 49162Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA283833850 ZP_06353591.1 FASTA Citrobacter youngae ATCC 29220Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA345298508 YP_004827866.1 FASTA Enterobacter asburiae LF7aChromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA354722722 ZP_09036937.1 FASTA Enterobacter mori LMG 25706Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA146311023 YP_001176097.1 FASTA Enterobacter sp. 638Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA336249454 YP_004593164.1 FASTA Enterobacter aerogenes KCTC 2190Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA262041055 ZP_06014274.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. rhinoscleromatis ATCC 13884Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA290510596 ZP_06549966.1 FASTA Klebsiella sp. 1_1_55Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA311280265 YP_003942496.1 FASTA Enterobacter cloacae SCF1Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA238893910 YP_002918644.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae NTUH-K2044Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA206576916 YP_002239500.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae 342Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA377576364 ZP_09805348.1 FASTA Escherichia hermannii NBRC 105704Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase NfnA
nfsA152969439 YP_001334548.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578Chromium (Cr) nfsA gene product
nfsA288936348 YP_003440407.1 FASTA Klebsiella variicola At-22Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA195941020 ZP_03086402.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EC4024Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA365848783 ZP_09389254.1 FASTA Yokenella regensburgei ATCC 43003Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA156934652 YP_001438568.1 FASTA Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC BAA-894Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA333955918 EGL73625.1 FASTA Cronobacter sakazakii E899Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA376398512 EHT11137.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5246Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA376388851 EHT01544.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5245Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA260597251 YP_003209822.1 FASTA Cronobacter turicensis z3032Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA376393653 EHT06309.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5250Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA376390091 EHT02778.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5242Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA376388313 EHT01012.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5243Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA375259926 YP_005019096.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca KCTC 1686Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA300716041 YP_003740844.1 FASTA Erwinia billingiae Eb661Chromium (Cr) Oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase (Modulator of drug activity A)
nfsA371588692 AEX52422.1 FASTA Rahnella aquatilis CIP 78.65 = ATCC 33071Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA308186213 YP_003930344.1 FASTA Pantoea vagans C9-1Chromium (Cr) modulator of drug activity A
nfsA304397029 ZP_07378908.1 FASTA Pantoea sp. aBChromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA365837895 ZP_09379252.1 FASTA Hafnia alvei ATCC 51873Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA317491399 ZP_07949835.1 FASTA Enterobacteriaceae bacterium 9_2_54FAAChromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA365187413 CCF10363.1 FASTA Pantoea ananatis LMG 5342Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase NfsA
nfsA327393290 BAK10712.1 FASTA Pantoea ananatis AJ13355Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase NfsA
nfsA291616864 YP_003519606.1 FASTA Pantoea ananatis LMG 20103Chromium (Cr) NfsA
nfsA372276172 ZP_09512208.1 FASTA Pantoea sp. SL1_M5Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA271500858 YP_003333883.1 FASTA Dickeya dadantii Ech586Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA188534306 YP_001908103.1 FASTA Erwinia tasmaniensis Et1/99Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA322833217 YP_004213244.1 FASTA Rahnella sp. Y9602Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA307130754 YP_003882770.1 FASTA Dickeya dadantii 3937Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA312171904 CBX80161.1 FASTA Erwinia amylovora ATCC BAA-2158Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA310767141 ADP12091.1 FASTA Erwinia sp. Ejp617Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA283478966 CAY74882.1 FASTA Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA317047517 YP_004115165.1 FASTA Pantoea sp. At-9bChromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA329298266 ZP_08255602.1 FASTA Plautia stali symbiontChromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA259908956 YP_002649312.1 FASTA Erwinia pyrifoliae Ep1/96Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA292487786 YP_003530661.1 FASTA Erwinia amylovora CFBP1430Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA251789988 YP_003004709.1 FASTA Dickeya zeae Ech1591Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA294636998 ZP_06715319.1 FASTA Edwardsiella tarda ATCC 23685Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA242239715 YP_002987896.1 FASTA Dickeya dadantii Ech703Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA354597993 ZP_09016010.1 FASTA Brenneria sp. EniD312Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA269139585 YP_003296286.1 FASTA Edwardsiella tarda EIB202Chromium (Cr) mdaA gene product
nfsA238920417 YP_002933932.1 FASTA Edwardsiella ictaluri 93-146Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA227329304 ZP_03833328.1 FASTA Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum WPP14Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA227112038 ZP_03825694.1 FASTA Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliensis PBR1692Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA253688076 YP_003017266.1 FASTA Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum PC1Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA50121604 YP_050771.1 FASTA Pectobacterium atrosepticum SCRI1043Chromium (Cr) nfsA gene product
nfsA261821235 YP_003259341.1 FASTA Pectobacterium wasabiae WPP163Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA212634266 YP_002310791.1 FASTA Shewanella piezotolerans WP3Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA157961073 YP_001501107.1 FASTA Shewanella pealeana ATCC 700345Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA356687872 EHI52446.1 FASTA Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida 01-B526Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA145298746 YP_001141587.1 FASTA Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA117618696 YP_856336.1 FASTA Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA167623216 YP_001673510.1 FASTA Shewanella halifaxensis HAW-EB4Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA330830018 YP_004392970.1 FASTA Aeromonas veronii B565Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA54309583 YP_130603.1 FASTA Photobacterium profundum SS9Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA334705235 ZP_08521101.1 FASTA Aeromonas caviae Ae398Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA237808922 YP_002893362.1 FASTA Tolumonas auensis DSM 9187Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA251792958 YP_003007684.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter aphrophilus NJ8700Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA90413076 ZP_01221073.1 FASTA Photobacterium profundum 3TCKChromium (Cr) hypothetical NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA374335993 YP_005092680.1 FASTA Oceanimonas sp. GK1Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA347814417 EGY31066.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter aphrophilus ATCC 33389Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA359757265 EHK91421.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans RhAA1Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA315634652 ZP_07889936.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter segnis ATCC 33393Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA261867741 YP_003255663.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D11S-1Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA347991381 EGY32857.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans serotype e str. SC1083Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA293390458 ZP_06634792.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D7S-1Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA312883238 ZP_07742966.1 FASTA Vibrio caribbenthicus ATCC BAA-2122Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA349595476 AEP91663.1 FASTA Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis RO-NN-1Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA365967521 YP_004949083.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans ANH9381Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA348000311 EGY41097.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans serotype f str. D18P1Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA347997584 EGY38566.1 FASTA Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans serotype e str. SCC393Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA269961215 ZP_06175583.1 FASTA Vibrio harveyi 1DA3Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA260778170 ZP_05887063.1 FASTA Vibrio coralliilyticus ATCC BAA-450Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA371492728 EHN68334.1 FASTA Vibrio fischeri SR5Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA336124916 YP_004566964.1 FASTA Vibrio anguillarum 775Chromium (Cr) NAD(P)H-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA350266830 YP_004878137.1 FASTA Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii TU-B-10Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA52424811 YP_087948.1 FASTA Mannheimia succiniciproducens MBEL55EChromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA350532626 ZP_08911567.1 FASTA Vibrio rotiferianus DAT722Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA375263888 YP_005026118.1 FASTA Vibrio sp. EJY3Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product
nfsA197337476 YP_002158635.1 FASTA Vibrio fischeri MJ11Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA254847856 ZP_05237206.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae MO10Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA209809811 YP_002265350.1 FASTA Aliivibrio salmonicida LFI1238Chromium (Cr) frp gene product
nfsA296333251 ZP_06875704.1 FASTA Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii ATCC 6633Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA218675891 YP_002394710.1 FASTA Vibrio splendidus LGP32Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA84386502 ZP_00989529.1 FASTA Vibrio splendidus 12B01Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA3023783 Q56691.1 FASTA Vibrio harveyiChromium (Cr)RecName: Full=NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase; AltName: Full=Flavin reductase P; AltName: Full=NADPH-FMN oxidoreductase
nfsA156977872 YP_001448778.1 FASTA Vibrio harveyi ATCC BAA-1116Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA153833441 ZP_01986108.1 FASTA Vibrio harveyi HY01Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA269854073 ACZ51262.1 FASTA synthetic constructChromium (Cr) Frp
nfsA153216140 ZP_01950295.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae 1587Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA229523460 ZP_04412867.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae TM 11079-80Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA229525363 ZP_04414768.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae bv. albensis VL426Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA229530154 ZP_04419544.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae 12129(1)Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA340037774 EGQ98748.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae HE39Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA153831181 ZP_01983848.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae 623-39Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA297581118 ZP_06943042.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae RC385Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA262190981 ZP_06049193.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae CT 5369-93Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA340047517 EGR08440.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae HE48Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA254285438 ZP_04960402.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae AM-19226Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA15640734 NP_230364.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor str. N16961Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA254505532 ZP_05117679.1 FASTA Vibrio parahaemolyticus 16Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA27367757 NP_763284.1 FASTA Vibrio vulnificus CMCP6Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA240949356 ZP_04753698.1 FASTA Actinobacillus minor NM305Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA152979535 YP_001345164.1 FASTA Actinobacillus succinogenes 130ZChromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA86144696 ZP_01063028.1 FASTA Vibrio sp. MED222Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA148974137 ZP_01811670.1 FASTA Vibrionales bacterium SWAT-3Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A, NADPH-dependent, FMN-dependent
nfsA260899728 ZP_05908123.1 FASTA Vibrio parahaemolyticus AQ4037Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA28901456 NP_801111.1 FASTA Vibrio parahaemolyticus RIMD 2210633Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA328469389 EGF40335.1 FASTA Vibrio parahaemolyticus 10329Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA323495184 ZP_08100268.1 FASTA Vibrio brasiliensis LMG 20546Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA258623669 ZP_05718656.1 FASTA Vibrio mimicus VM573Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA153823131 ZP_01975798.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae B33Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA59714148 YP_206923.1 FASTA Vibrio fischeri ES114Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA37675888 NP_936284.1 FASTA Vibrio vulnificus YJ016Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA320158036 YP_004190414.1 FASTA Vibrio vulnificus MO6-24/OChromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA21666485 AAM73721.1 FASTA synthetic constructChromium (Cr) glutathione-S-transferase/nitroreductase fusion protein
nfsA240851529 ZP_04752280.1 FASTA Actinobacillus minor 202Chromium (Cr) predicted nitroreductase
nfsA88800153 ZP_01115722.1 FASTA Reinekea sp. MED297Chromium (Cr) Nitroreductase
nfsA254227315 ZP_04920747.1 FASTA Vibrio sp. Ex25Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA341647431 EGS71512.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae BJG-01Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA261212181 ZP_05926467.1 FASTA Vibrio sp. RC341Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA262165031 ZP_06032768.1 FASTA Vibrio mimicus VM223Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA327483509 AEA77916.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae LMA3984-4Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA262172211 ZP_06039889.1 FASTA Vibrio mimicus MB-451Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA262402898 ZP_06079459.1 FASTA Vibrio sp. RC586Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA153827128 ZP_01979795.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae MZO-2Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA332288717 YP_004419569.1 FASTA Gallibacterium anatis UMN179Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA269965817 ZP_06179912.1 FASTA Vibrio alginolyticus 40BChromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA91223144 ZP_01258410.1 FASTA Vibrio alginolyticus 12G01Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA343497683 ZP_08735744.1 FASTA Vibrio nigripulchritudo ATCC 27043Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA254224987 ZP_04918601.1 FASTA Vibrio cholerae V51Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA163801392 ZP_02195291.1 FASTA Vibrio sp. AND4Chromium (Cr) NADPH-flavin oxidoreductase
nfsA253574431 ZP_04851772.1 FASTA Paenibacillus sp. oral taxon 786 str. D14Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA342806675 EGU41891.1 FASTA Vibrio splendidus ATCC 33789Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA261492280 ZP_05988843.1 FASTA Mannheimia haemolytica serotype A2 str. BOVINEChromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA254360487 ZP_04976636.1 FASTA Mannheimia haemolytica PHL213Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA349574242 ZP_08886199.1 FASTA Neisseria shayeganii 871Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA333375332 ZP_08467145.1 FASTA Kingella kingae ATCC 23330Chromium (Cr) oxygen-insensitive NADPH nitroreductase
nfsA165975944 YP_001651537.1 FASTA Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 3 str. JL03Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA307245323 ZP_07527411.1 FASTA Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 1 str. 4074Chromium (Cr) Nitroreductase
nfsA307247489 ZP_07529534.1 FASTA Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 2 str. S1536Chromium (Cr) Nitroreductase
nfsA126207967 YP_001053192.1 FASTA Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 5b str. L20Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase A
nfsA190149830 YP_001968355.1 FASTA Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 7 str. AP76Chromium (Cr) nitroreductase
nfsA374320311 YP_005073440.1 FASTA Paenibacillus terrae HPL-003Chromium (Cr) unnamed protein product

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