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Result: Your query found 28 resistance gene(s) from the BacMet Predicted database

Gene name
GI number
GenBank ID
NCBI annotation
merD127003 P06689.1 FASTA Pseudomonas aeruginosaMercury (Hg)RecName: Full=HTH-type transcriptional regulator merD; AltName: Full=Mercuric resistance protein merD
merD31795176 NP_858034.1 FASTA uncultured bacteriumMercury (Hg) merD gene product
merD2944143 AAC38221.1 FASTA Pseudomonas stutzeriMercury (Hg) MerD
merD32455837 NP_862489.1 FASTA Pseudomonas sp. ADPMercury (Hg) transcriptional regulator MerD
merD255293105 BAH90198.1 FASTA uncultured bacteriumMercury (Hg) mercury repressor protein, MerD
merD353334440 AEQ93479.1 FASTA Pseudomonas aeruginosaMercury (Hg) mercuric resistance operon coregulator MerD
merD2947092 AAC38235.1 FASTA Pseudomonas stutzeriMercury (Hg) mercury operon coregulator protein
merD200387833 ZP_03214445.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Virchow str. SL491Mercury (Hg) mercuric resistence transcriptional repressor protein MerD
merD359743451 AEV56904.1 FASTA uncultured bacteriumMercury (Hg) MerD
merD167887768 ACA09397.1 FASTA Pseudomonas aeruginosaMercury (Hg) coregulator protein
merD32815766 AAP88283.1 FASTA Delftia acidovoransMercury (Hg) mercury resistance secondary regulatory protein
merD309783294 ZP_07678005.1 FASTA Ralstonia sp. 5_7_47FAAMercury (Hg) transcriptional repressor protein MerD
merD6706020 CAB65943.1 FASTA Acinetobacter calcoaceticusMercury (Hg) MerD protein
merD376375147 EHS87944.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5242Mercury (Hg) mercuric resistance transcriptional repressor protein MerD
merD133711748 ABO36568.1 FASTA uncultured bacterium pMCBF6Mercury (Hg) coregulator protein
merD152983096 YP_001353438.1 FASTA Janthinobacterium sp. MarseilleMercury (Hg) transcriptional regulator MerD
merD167887782 ACA09410.1 FASTA Pseudomonas sp. AW54aMercury (Hg) coregulator protein
merD300927149 ZP_07142892.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 182-1Mercury (Hg) mercuric resistance transcriptional repressor protein MerD
merD313107831 ZP_07794005.1 FASTA Pseudomonas aeruginosa 39016Mercury (Hg) mercuric resistance transcriptional repressor protein MerD
merD91781215 YP_556422.1 FASTA Burkholderia xenovorans LB400Mercury (Hg) transcriptional regulator MerD
merD307716488 ADN88293.1 FASTA Ochrobactrum sp. CTN-11Mercury (Hg) MerD
merD257070344 YP_003162663.1 FASTA Pseudomonas putidaMercury (Hg) MerD
merD4115578 BAA36433.1 FASTA Pseudomonas sp. K-62Mercury (Hg) MerD
merD114326588 YP_743747.1 FASTA Nitrosomonas eutropha C91Mercury (Hg) transcriptional regulator MerD
merD371454243 EHN67250.1 FASTA Comamonas testosteroni ATCC 11996Mercury (Hg) transcriptional regulator MerD
merD375110397 ZP_09756620.1 FASTA Alishewanella jeotgali KCTC 22429Mercury (Hg) transcriptional regulator MerD
merD262374368 ZP_06067643.1 FASTA Acinetobacter junii SH205Mercury (Hg) mercuric resistance transcriptional repressor protein MerD
merD18466557 NP_569365.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhi str. CT18Mercury (Hg) transcriptional regulator MerD

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