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Result: Your query found 19 resistance gene(s) from the BacMet Predicted database

Gene name
GI number
GenBank ID
NCBI annotation
merB253315943 ZP_04839156.1 FASTA Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus str. CF-MarseilleMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate alkylmercury lyase
merB27467004 NP_763641.1 FASTA Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC 12228Mercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate alkylmercury lyase
merB304388035 ADM29136.1 FASTA Staphylococcus aureusMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate Alkylmercury lyase
merB15920014 NP_361074.1 FASTA Plasmid pSB102Mercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate alkylmercury lyase
merB256861659 ACV32528.1 FASTA Achromobacter sp. AO22Mercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate MerB
merB4115577 BAA36432.1 FASTA Pseudomonas sp. K-62Mercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate MerB2
merB37080207 P77072.1 FASTA Escherichia coliMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury AcetateRecName: Full=Alkylmercury lyase; AltName: Full=Organomercurial lyase
merB256861661 ACV32529.1 FASTA Arthrobacter woluwensisMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate MerB
merB256861663 ACV32530.1 FASTA mixed culture bacterium VUN 10010Mercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate MerB
merB307716489 ADN88294.1 FASTA Ochrobactrum sp. CTN-11Mercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate MerB
merB5669908 AAD46510.1 FASTA Escherichia coliMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate organomercurial lyase
merB223470471 ACM90501.1 FASTA Pseudomonas aeruginosaMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate organomercurial lyase
merB212375097 3F2G FASTA Escherichia coliMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury AcetateChain A, Crystal Structure Of Merb Mutant C160s, The Organomercurial Lyase Involved In A Bacterial Mercury Resistance System
merB5669910 AAD46511.1 FASTA Escherichia coliMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate organomercurial lyase
merB133711750 ABO36570.1 FASTA uncultured bacterium pMCBF6Mercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate MerB protein
merB84310713 YP_447043.1 FASTA uncultured bacteriumMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate alkylmercury lyase
merB2947086 AAC38230.1 FASTA Pseudomonas stutzeriMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate, Methylmercury Acetate organomercurial lyase
merB340843898 YP_004750648.1 FASTA Pseudomonas putidaMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate, Methylmercury Acetate Truncated MerB protein
merB152983427 YP_001353443.1 FASTA Janthinobacterium sp. MarseilleMercury (Hg), Phenylmercury Acetate, Methylmercury Acetate organomercurial lyase

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