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Result: Your query found 38 resistance gene(s) from the BacMet Predicted database

Gene name
GI number
GenBank ID
NCBI annotation
hpcopA359415147 ZP_09207612.1 FASTA Clostridium sp. DL-VIIICopper (Cu) heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA317496269 ZP_07954628.1 FASTA Gemella moribillum M424Copper (Cu) heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA260888876 ZP_05900139.1 FASTA Leptotrichia hofstadii F0254Copper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA150019611 YP_001311865.1 FASTA Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052Copper (Cu) heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA77408768 ZP_00785498.1 FASTA Streptococcus agalactiae COH1Copper (Cu) copper-translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA22536568 NP_687419.1 FASTA Streptococcus agalactiae 2603V/RCopper (Cu) copper-transporter ATPase CopA
hpcopA257125379 YP_003163493.1 FASTA Leptotrichia buccalis C-1013-bCopper (Cu) ATPase P
hpcopA339302169 ZP_08651235.1 FASTA Streptococcus agalactiae ATCC 13813Copper (Cu) P-ATPase superfamily P-type ATPase copper transporter
hpcopA293401954 ZP_06646094.1 FASTA Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium 5_2_54FAACopper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA375084941 ZP_09731774.1 FASTA Megamonas funiformis YIT 11815Copper (Cu) heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA187935431 YP_001887497.1 FASTA Clostridium botulinum B str. Eklund 17BCopper (Cu) copper-translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA304439865 ZP_07399759.1 FASTA Peptoniphilus duerdenii ATCC BAA-1640Copper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA188590333 YP_001922438.1 FASTA Clostridium botulinum E3 str. Alaska E43Copper (Cu) copper-translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA373451294 ZP_09543219.1 FASTA Eubacterium sp. 3_1_31Copper (Cu) heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA256545307 ZP_05472671.1 FASTA Anaerococcus vaginalis ATCC 51170Copper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA291559708 CBL38508.1 FASTA butyrate-producing bacterium SSC/2Copper (Cu) copper-(or silver)-translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA167766940 ZP_02438993.1 FASTA Clostridium sp. SS2/1Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein CLOSS21_01457
hpcopA317499587 ZP_07957850.1 FASTA Lachnospiraceae bacterium 5_1_63FAACopper (Cu) heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA237746515 ZP_04576995.1 FASTA Oxalobacter formigenes HOxBLSCopper (Cu) heavy-metal transporting P-type ATPase
hpcopA342731923 YP_004770762.1 FASTA Candidatus Arthromitus sp. SFB-mouse-JapanCopper (Cu) cation transport ATPase
hpcopA160914195 ZP_02076417.1 FASTA Eubacterium dolichum DSM 3991Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein EUBDOL_00204
hpcopA350270126 YP_004881434.1 FASTA Oscillibacter valericigenes Sjm18-20Copper (Cu) putative copper-transporting ATPase
hpcopA224477069 YP_002634675.1 FASTA Staphylococcus carnosus subsp. carnosus TM300Copper (Cu) putative copper-transporting P-type ATPase
hpcopA313885674 ZP_07819423.1 FASTA Eremococcus coleocola ACS-139-V-Col8Copper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA325479378 EGC82474.1 FASTA Anaerococcus prevotii ACS-065-V-Col13Copper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA320547929 ZP_08042212.1 FASTA Streptococcus equinus ATCC 9812Copper (Cu) P-ATPase superfamily P-type ATPase copper transporter
hpcopA365926236 ZP_09448999.1 FASTA Lactobacillus mali KCTC 3596Copper (Cu) lead, cadmium, zinc and mercury transporting ATPase/ copper-translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA300814369 ZP_07094640.1 FASTA Peptoniphilus sp. oral taxon 836 str. F0141Copper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA282883008 ZP_06291610.1 FASTA Peptoniphilus lacrimalis 315-BCopper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA336063688 YP_004558547.1 FASTA Streptococcus pasteurianus ATCC 43144Copper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA306832826 ZP_07465961.1 FASTA Streptococcus bovis ATCC 700338Copper (Cu) P-ATPase superfamily P-type ATPase copper transporter
hpcopA374337409 YP_005094111.1 FASTA Streptococcus macedonicus ACA-DC 198Copper (Cu) copA gene product
hpcopA225374826 ZP_03752047.1 FASTA Roseburia inulinivorans DSM 16841Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein ROSEINA2194_00446
hpcopA315917471 ZP_07913711.1 FASTA Fusobacterium gonidiaformans ATCC 25563Copper (Cu) copper-exporting ATPase
hpcopA336427353 ZP_08607357.1 FASTA Lachnospiraceae bacterium 3_1_57FAA_CT1Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein HMPREF0994_03363
hpcopA374681427 AEZ61716.1 FASTA Streptococcus infantarius subsp. infantarius CJ18Copper (Cu) cation-transporting ATP-ase, P-type
hpcopA242278110 YP_002990239.1 FASTA Desulfovibrio salexigens DSM 2638Copper (Cu) heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase
hpcopA225388978 ZP_03758702.1 FASTA Clostridium asparagiforme DSM 15981Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein CLOSTASPAR_02723

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