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Result: Your query found 211 resistance gene(s) from the BacMet Predicted database

Gene name
GI number
GenBank ID
NCBI annotation
cueO188496066 ZP_03003336.1 FASTA Escherichia coli 53638Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase family protein
cueO343781086 3NSF FASTA UnknownCopper (Cu)Chain A, Apo Form Of The Multicopper Oxidase Cueo
cueO307311428 ZP_07591070.1 FASTA Escherichia coli WCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO320200359 EFW74945.1 FASTA Escherichia coli EC4100BCopper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO253774849 YP_003037680.1 FASTA Escherichia coli 'BL21-Gold(DE3)pLysS AG'Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO301026043 ZP_07189522.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 69-1Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence protein
cueO300919678 ZP_07136168.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 115-1Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence
cueO194433448 ZP_03065727.1 FASTA Shigella dysenteriae 1012Copper (Cu) copper oxidase CueO
cueO33358058 1PF3 FASTA UnknownCopper (Cu)Chain A, Crystal Structure Of The M441l Mutant Of The Multicopper Oxidase Cueo
cueO343781084 3NSC FASTA UnknownCopper (Cu)Chain A, C500s Mutant Of Cueo Bound To Cu(Ii)
cueO371605280 EHN93897.1 FASTA Escherichia coli B093Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO187730447 YP_001878931.1 FASTA Shigella boydii CDC 3083-94Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO293408214 ZP_06652054.1 FASTA Escherichia coli B354Copper (Cu) conserved hypothetical protein
cueO194439152 ZP_03071234.1 FASTA Escherichia coli 101-1Copper (Cu) copper oxidase CueO
cueO300905535 ZP_07123296.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 84-1Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence protein
cueO291280947 YP_003497765.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O55:H7 str. CB9615Copper (Cu) Copper oxidase CueO
cueO284919900 CBG32955.1 FASTA Escherichia coli 042Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase precursor (copper efflux oxidase)
cueO170682517 YP_001742250.1 FASTA Escherichia coli SMS-3-5Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO331681506 ZP_08382143.1 FASTA Escherichia coli H299Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO (Copper efflux oxidase)
cueO237704278 ZP_04534759.1 FASTA Escherichia sp. 3_2_53FAACopper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO218703380 YP_002410899.1 FASTA Escherichia coli UMN026Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO157157987 YP_001461291.1 FASTA Escherichia coli E24377ACopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO323935052 EGB31423.1 FASTA Escherichia coli E1520Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO218552704 YP_002385617.1 FASTA Escherichia coli IAI1Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO377983808 EHV47050.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC5CCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase with role in copper homeostasis
cueO168752439 ZP_02777461.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EC4113Copper (Cu) copper oxidase CueO
cueO320663555 EFX30839.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O55:H7 str. USDA 5905Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO331651024 ZP_08352052.1 FASTA Escherichia coli M718Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO (Copper efflux oxidase)
cueO330688387 AEC32945.1 FASTA Escherichia coliCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO378223338 EHX83562.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC14ACopper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO371598822 EHN87617.1 FASTA Escherichia coli TA124Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO218698543 YP_002406172.1 FASTA Escherichia coli IAI39Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO331645240 ZP_08346351.1 FASTA Escherichia coli M605Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO (Copper efflux oxidase)
cueO331671638 ZP_08372436.1 FASTA Escherichia coli TA280Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO (Copper efflux oxidase)
cueO315285197 EFU44642.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 110-3Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence
cueO378154277 EHX15353.1 FASTA Escherichia coli DEC11DCopper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO30061688 NP_835859.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri 2a str. 2457TCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO15799807 NP_285819.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EDL933Copper (Cu) yacK gene product
cueO193071230 ZP_03052151.1 FASTA Escherichia coli E110019Copper (Cu) copper oxidase CueO
cueO82775412 YP_401758.1 FASTA Shigella dysenteriae Sd197Copper (Cu) yacK gene product
cueO300938521 ZP_07153259.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 21-1Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence protein
cueO333968132 AEG34937.1 FASTA Escherichia coli NA114Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO306815276 ZP_07449425.1 FASTA Escherichia coli NC101Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO26106460 AAN78646.1 FASTA Escherichia coli CFT073Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO precursor
cueO300816159 ZP_07096382.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 107-1Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence protein
cueO323171285 EFZ56933.1 FASTA Escherichia coli LT-68Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO332764971 EGJ95199.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri K-671Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO260866274 YP_003232676.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O111:H- str. 11128Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO332762126 EGJ92395.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri 4343-70Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO191172788 ZP_03034325.1 FASTA Escherichia coli F11Copper (Cu) copper oxidase CueO
cueO331661176 ZP_08362108.1 FASTA Escherichia coli TA206Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO (Copper efflux oxidase)
cueO323190197 EFZ75473.1 FASTA Escherichia coli RN587/1Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO215485287 YP_002327718.1 FASTA Escherichia coli O127:H6 str. E2348/69Copper (Cu) cueO gene product
cueO300923094 ZP_07139156.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 182-1Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence protein
cueO56479607 NP_706076.2 FASTA Shigella flexneri 2a str. 301Copper (Cu) yacK gene product
cueO343781087 3NSY FASTA UnknownCopper (Cu)Chain A, The Multi-Copper Oxidase Cueo With Six Met To Ser Mutations (M358s, M361s,M362s,M364s,M366s,M368s)
cueO355418540 AER82737.1 FASTA Escherichia coli str. 'clone D i2'Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO323964985 EGB60451.1 FASTA Escherichia coli M863Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO281177346 BAI53676.1 FASTA Escherichia coli SE15Copper (Cu) putative copper oxidase
cueO74310741 YP_309160.1 FASTA Shigella sonnei Ss046Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO218688001 YP_002396213.1 FASTA Escherichia coli ED1aCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO110640341 YP_668069.1 FASTA Escherichia coli 536Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO333011510 EGK30924.1 FASTA Shigella flexneri K-272Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO323166005 EFZ51785.1 FASTA Shigella sonnei 53GCopper (Cu) blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO323975714 EGB70810.1 FASTA Escherichia coli TW10509Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO170768573 ZP_02903026.1 FASTA Escherichia albertii TW07627Copper (Cu) copper oxidase CueO
cueO218547579 YP_002381370.1 FASTA Escherichia fergusonii ATCC 35469Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO209917314 YP_002291398.1 FASTA Escherichia coli SE11Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO324017775 EGB86994.1 FASTA Escherichia coli MS 117-3Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence
cueO366159434 ZP_09459296.1 FASTA Escherichia sp. TW09308Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO164414806 2YXV FASTA Escherichia coliCopper (Cu)Chain A, The Deletion Mutant Of Multicopper Oxidase Cueo
cueO283783915 YP_003363780.1 FASTA Citrobacter rodentium ICC168Copper (Cu) cueO gene product
cueO237729426 ZP_04559907.1 FASTA Citrobacter sp. 30_2Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO283835186 ZP_06354927.1 FASTA Citrobacter youngae ATCC 29220Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO157147445 YP_001454764.1 FASTA Citrobacter koseri ATCC BAA-895Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO365103910 ZP_09333571.1 FASTA Citrobacter freundii 4_7_47CFAACopper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO345297903 YP_004827261.1 FASTA Enterobacter asburiae LF7aCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO296101294 YP_003611440.1 FASTA Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO261338881 ZP_05966739.1 FASTA Enterobacter cancerogenus ATCC 35316Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein ENTCAN_05079
cueO334123419 ZP_08497444.1 FASTA Enterobacter hormaechei ATCC 49162Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO295098627 CBK87717.1 FASTA Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae NCTC 9394Copper (Cu) cell division protein SufI
cueO354721609 ZP_09035824.1 FASTA Enterobacter mori LMG 25706Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO365969040 YP_004950602.1 FASTA Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1Copper (Cu) cueO gene product
cueO353586475 EHC46042.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Alachua str. R6-377Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO16304402 AAL15149.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar TyphimuriumCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO16759164 NP_454781.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhi str. CT18Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO238911228 ZP_04655065.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Tennessee str. CDC07-0191Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO374999901 ZP_09724242.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Infantis str. SARB27Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence
cueO339998186 YP_004729069.1 FASTA Salmonella bongori NCTC 12419Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO204927309 ZP_03218511.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Javiana str. GA_MM04042433Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO168230460 ZP_02655518.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Kentucky str. CDC 191Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO353670726 EHD07238.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Urbana str. R8-2977Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO353637565 EHC83346.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. S5-403Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO207855684 YP_002242335.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis str. P125109Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO56412441 YP_149516.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Paratyphi A str. ATCC 9150Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO146310335 YP_001175409.1 FASTA Enterobacter sp. 638Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO161504704 YP_001571816.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. arizonae serovar 62:z4,z23:-- str. RSK2980Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO224582014 YP_002635812.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Paratyphi C strain RKS4594Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO194443616 YP_002039403.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Newport str. SL254Copper (Cu) unnamed protein product
cueO353629324 EHC77157.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Mississippi str. A4-633Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO205351510 YP_002225311.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Gallinarum str. 287/91Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO62178738 YP_215155.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Choleraesuis str. SC-B67Copper (Cu) cueO gene product
cueO353580443 EHC41684.1 FASTA Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Adelaide str. A4-669Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO152968712 YP_001333821.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578Copper (Cu) cueO gene product
cueO339760319 AEJ96539.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae KCTC 2242Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO262044823 ZP_06017866.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. rhinoscleromatis ATCC 13884Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO364516427 AEW59555.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae HS11286Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO330010403 ZP_08306740.1 FASTA Klebsiella sp. MS 92-3Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO206581044 YP_002240397.1 FASTA Klebsiella pneumoniae 342Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO311280897 YP_003943128.1 FASTA Enterobacter cloacae SCF1Copper (Cu) unnamed protein product
cueO288937101 YP_003441160.1 FASTA Klebsiella variicola At-22Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO164451748 ABY56791.1 FASTA Klebsiella sp. 601Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO365846654 ZP_09387156.1 FASTA Yokenella regensburgei ATCC 43003Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO376394471 EHT07121.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5250Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO376390920 EHT03602.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5245Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO376376637 EHS89414.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5243Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO375259021 YP_005018191.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca KCTC 1686Copper (Cu) unnamed protein product
cueO376400746 EHT13357.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5246Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO336248772 YP_004592482.1 FASTA Enterobacter aerogenes KCTC 2190Copper (Cu) unnamed protein product
cueO376377909 EHS90676.1 FASTA Klebsiella oxytoca 10-5242Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO260596554 YP_003209125.1 FASTA Cronobacter turicensis z3032Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO377578676 ZP_09807652.1 FASTA Escherichia hermannii NBRC 105704Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO156935351 YP_001439267.1 FASTA Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC BAA-894Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO333953625 EGL71549.1 FASTA Cronobacter sakazakii E899Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO238786763 ZP_04630564.1 FASTA Yersinia frederiksenii ATCC 33641Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO293394518 ZP_06638814.1 FASTA Serratia odorifera DSM 4582Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO333929033 YP_004502612.1 FASTA Serratia sp. AS12Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO157372233 YP_001480222.1 FASTA Serratia proteamaculans 568Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO238761602 ZP_04622577.1 FASTA Yersinia kristensenii ATCC 33638Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO238797198 ZP_04640700.1 FASTA Yersinia mollaretii ATCC 43969Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO332160449 YP_004297026.1 FASTA Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. palearctica 105.5R(r)Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO318607088 CBY28586.1 FASTA Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. palearctica Y11Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO259907496 YP_002647852.1 FASTA Erwinia pyrifoliae Ep1/96Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO351780526 EHB22596.1 FASTA Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. palearctica PhRBD_Ye1Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO238791206 ZP_04634845.1 FASTA Yersinia intermedia ATCC 29909Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO310765001 ADP09951.1 FASTA Erwinia sp. Ejp617Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO precursor
cueO238785069 ZP_04629065.1 FASTA Yersinia bercovieri ATCC 43970Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO270263029 ZP_06191299.1 FASTA Serratia odorifera 4Rx13Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein SOD_d00440
cueO238750532 ZP_04612032.1 FASTA Yersinia rohdei ATCC 43380Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO238759891 ZP_04621046.1 FASTA Yersinia aldovae ATCC 35236Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO312173432 CBX81686.1 FASTA Erwinia amylovora ATCC BAA-2158Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO Copper efflux oxidase; Flags: Precursor
cueO317046949 YP_004114597.1 FASTA Pantoea sp. At-9bCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO123441068 YP_001005057.1 FASTA Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. enterocolitica 8081Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO238754472 ZP_04615827.1 FASTA Yersinia ruckeri ATCC 29473Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO292489271 YP_003532158.1 FASTA Erwinia amylovora CFBP1430Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO45434991 AAS60552.1 FASTA Yersinia pestis biovar Microtus str. 91001Copper (Cu) putative exported protein
cueO51595072 YP_069263.1 FASTA Yersinia pseudotuberculosis IP 32953Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO186894082 YP_001871194.1 FASTA Yersinia pseudotuberculosis PB1/+Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO37524844 NP_928188.1 FASTA Photorhabdus luminescens subsp. laumondii TTO1Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO292898498 YP_003537867.1 FASTA Erwinia amylovora ATCC 49946Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase
cueO153949408 YP_001402309.1 FASTA Yersinia pseudotuberculosis IP 31758Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO170025695 YP_001722200.1 FASTA Yersinia pseudotuberculosis YPIIICopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO365837115 ZP_09378495.1 FASTA Hafnia alvei ATCC 51873Copper (Cu) Tat pathway signal sequence domain protein
cueO188532980 YP_001906777.1 FASTA Erwinia tasmaniensis Et1/99Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO354989808 AER33932.1 FASTA Pantoea ananatis PA13Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO327392764 BAK10186.1 FASTA Pantoea ananatis AJ13355Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO317493246 ZP_07951668.1 FASTA Enterobacteriaceae bacterium 9_2_54FAACopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO365187992 CCF10942.1 FASTA Pantoea ananatis LMG 5342Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO precursor
cueO253988278 YP_003039634.1 FASTA Photorhabdus asymbiotica subsp. asymbiotica ATCC 43949Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO291616311 YP_003519053.1 FASTA Pantoea ananatis LMG 20103Copper (Cu) CueO
cueO304396609 ZP_07378490.1 FASTA Pantoea sp. aBCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO372276041 ZP_09512077.1 FASTA Pantoea sp. SL1_M5Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO308185708 YP_003929839.1 FASTA Pantoea vagans C9-1Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO371589831 AEX53561.1 FASTA Rahnella aquatilis CIP 78.65 = ATCC 33071Copper (Cu) putative multicopper oxidase
cueO268591302 ZP_06125523.1 FASTA Providencia rettgeri DSM 1131Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO322834375 YP_004214402.1 FASTA Rahnella sp. Y9602Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO307130852 YP_003882868.1 FASTA Dickeya dadantii 3937Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase cueO
cueO251789896 YP_003004617.1 FASTA Dickeya zeae Ech1591Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO260618463 ACX47357.1 FASTA Aeromonas hydrophilaCopper (Cu) laccase
cueO300715361 YP_003740164.1 FASTA Erwinia billingiae Eb661Copper (Cu) Blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO261345806 ZP_05973450.1 FASTA Providencia rustigianii DSM 4541Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO197284071 YP_002149943.1 FASTA Proteus mirabilis HI4320Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO117620586 YP_858059.1 FASTA Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966Copper (Cu) unnamed protein product
cueO271500763 YP_003333788.1 FASTA Dickeya dadantii Ech586Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO183600109 ZP_02961602.1 FASTA Providencia stuartii ATCC 25827Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein PROSTU_03642
cueO212711319 ZP_03319447.1 FASTA Providencia alcalifaciens DSM 30120Copper (Cu) hypothetical protein PROVALCAL_02391
cueO242239624 YP_002987805.1 FASTA Dickeya dadantii Ech703Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO354594839 ZP_09012876.1 FASTA Commensalibacter intestini A911Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO217978424 YP_002362571.1 FASTA Methylocella silvestris BL2Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO294339910 CAZ88273.1 FASTA Thiomonas sp. 3AsCopper (Cu) putative multicopper oxidase
cueO261323060 ZP_05962257.1 FASTA Brucella neotomae 5K33Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO296135748 YP_003642990.1 FASTA Thiomonas intermedia K12Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO161620762 YP_001594648.1 FASTA Brucella canis ATCC 23365Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO161511172 NP_541558.2 FASTA Brucella melitensis bv. 1 str. 16MCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO148558378 YP_001257667.1 FASTA Brucella ovis ATCC 25840Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO23500444 NP_699884.1 FASTA Brucella suis 1330Copper (Cu) unnamed protein product
cueO17984756 AAL53822.1 FASTA Brucella melitensis bv. 1 str. 16MCopper (Cu) probable blue-copper protein yack precursor
cueO265992886 ZP_06105443.1 FASTA Brucella melitensis bv. 3 str. EtherCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO261750403 ZP_05994112.1 FASTA Brucella suis bv. 5 str. 513Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO265985340 ZP_06098075.1 FASTA Brucella sp. 83/13Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO294339071 CAZ87420.1 FASTA Thiomonas sp. 3AsCopper (Cu) putative multicopper oxidase, putative Blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO261217311 ZP_05931592.1 FASTA Brucella ceti M13/05/1Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO62317453 YP_223306.1 FASTA Brucella abortus bv. 1 str. 9-941Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO261216149 ZP_05930430.1 FASTA Brucella abortus bv. 3 str. TulyaCopper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO261756902 ZP_06000611.1 FASTA Brucella sp. F5/99Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO261318627 ZP_05957824.1 FASTA Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO225629183 ZP_03787216.1 FASTA Brucella ceti str. CudoCopper (Cu) Multicopper oxidase mco
cueO265996120 ZP_06108677.1 FASTA Brucella ceti M490/95/1Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO163844833 YP_001622488.1 FASTA Brucella suis ATCC 23445Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO261313235 ZP_05952432.1 FASTA Brucella pinnipedialis M163/99/10Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO261220533 ZP_05934814.1 FASTA Brucella ceti B1/94Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO306840671 ZP_07473421.1 FASTA Brucella sp. BO2Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO306845777 ZP_07478346.1 FASTA Brucella sp. BO1Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO261854902 YP_003262185.1 FASTA Halothiobacillus neapolitanus c2Copper (Cu) Bilirubin oxidase
cueO307945294 ZP_07660630.1 FASTA Roseibium sp. TrichSKD4Copper (Cu) blue copper oxidase CueO
cueO153011149 YP_001372363.1 FASTA Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO301139706 ADK66266.1 FASTA Ochrobactrum sp. 531Copper (Cu) laccase
cueO254504772 ZP_05116923.1 FASTA Labrenzia alexandrii DFL-11Copper (Cu) Multicopper oxidase family
cueO347753128 YP_004860693.1 FASTA Bacillus coagulans 36D1Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3
cueO325571903 ZP_08147193.1 FASTA Enterococcus casseliflavus ATCC 12755Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase
cueO336114448 YP_004569215.1 FASTA Bacillus coagulans 2-6Copper (Cu) multicopper oxidase type 3

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