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Result: Details of the source of prediction- oscA

Gene_nameExperimentally Verified Resistance Gene Information Predicted Resistance Gene Information
  • BacMet ID: BAC0358
  • Code for: Binding protein
  • Family: Unknown
  • Sequence: FASTA
  • Cross-database IDs: Link
  • Organism: Pseudomonas corrugata 28
  • Location: Chromosome
  • Compound: Chromium (Cr), Dodine [class: Acetate]
  • Description: oscA gene involved in the sulphur starvation response and in Cr(VI) resistance in Pseudomonas corrugata 28. oscA is located upstream of a gene cluster that encodes the components of the sulphate ABC transporter, and it forms a single transcriptional unit with sbp, which encodes the periplasmic sulphate-binding protein. It has been shown that oscA is essential for the utilization of various organosulphur compounds and that it induces upregulation of the cysTWA operon under conditions of chromate exposure. oscA may also have a regulatory role in the sulphur starvation response, but the exact mechanism through which it acts is not well understood.
  • Length (amino acid): 60
  • Reference: Viti et al. 2009; Pubmed- 19118350

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