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Result: Details of the source of prediction- nhlF

Gene_nameExperimentally Verified Resistance Gene Information Predicted Resistance Gene Information
  • BacMet ID: BAC0268
  • Code for: Enzyme
  • Family: Nickel-cobalt transport (NicOT) family
  • Sequence: FASTA
  • Cross-database IDs: Link
  • Organism: Rhodococcus rhodochrous
  • Location: Chromosome
  • Compound: Cobalt (Co)
  • Description: Cobalt transporter nhlF. It has a significant sequence similarity to hoxN from Alcaligenes eutrophus, hupN from Bradyrhizobium japonicum, nixA from Helicobacter pylori etc. The protein has eight hydrophobic putative membrane-spanning domains.
  • Length (amino acid): 352
  • Reference: Komeda et al. 1997; Pubmed- 8990157

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