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Result: Details of the source of prediction- cusR/ylcA

Gene_nameExperimentally Verified Resistance Gene Information Predicted Resistance Gene Information
  • BacMet ID: BAC0111
  • Code for: Regulator
  • Family: Contains 1 response regulatory domain
  • Sequence: FASTA
  • Cross-database IDs: Link
  • Organism: Escherichia coli (strain K12)
  • Location: Plasmid pECL_A (Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae (strain ATCC 13047 / DSM 30054 / NBRC 13535 / NCDC 279-56))
  • Compound: Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag)
  • Description: Member of the two-component regulatory system CusS/CusR. Activates the Expression of cusCFBA and plasmid pRJ1004 gene pcoE in response to increasing levels of copper ions, and probably silver ions. Can also increase the basal-level Expression of copper resistance gene operon pcoABCD; located in cytoplasm
  • Length (amino acid): 227
  • Reference: Munson et al. 2000; Pubmed- 11004187

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