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Result: Details of the source of prediction- cnrR/cnrX

Gene_nameExperimentally Verified Resistance Gene Information Predicted Resistance Gene Information
  • BacMet ID: BAC0291
  • Code for: Regulator
  • Family: Unknown
  • Sequence: FASTA
  • Cross-database IDs: Link
  • Organism: Ralstonia metallidurans (strain CH34/ATCC 43123/DSM 2839)
  • Location: Plasmid pMOL28 (Ralstonia metallidurans (strain CH34/ATCC 43123/DSM 2839))
  • Compound: Cobalt (Co), Nickel (Ni)
  • Description: Nickel and cobalt resistance operon regulator CnrR. CnrH alone is able to activate cnr expression, while both CnrY and CnrR (CnrX) are needed for nickel induction of CnrH. Has been suggested to bind nickel.
  • Length (amino acid): 148
  • Reference: Liesegang et al. 1993; Pubmed- 8380802, Grass et al. 2000; Pubmed- 10671463, Tibazarwa et al. 2000; Pubmed- 10671464

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