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Compound Information

  • Compound name: Dibrompropamidine

  • Chemical Class: Diamidine

  • Description: Dibrompropamidine is a topical antiseptic and disinfectant. As dibrompropamidine isethionate, it is used in eye drops and ointment for the treatment of minor eye and eyelid infections in adults and children. Dibromopropamidine (Isethionate) topical antibacterial or antifungal agent and used for the local treatment of minor eye and skin infection. Propamidine and dibromopropamidine are members of the aromatic diamidine group of compounds which possess bacteriostatic properties against a wide range of organisms. Propamidine and dibromopropamidine exert rapid and intense anti-bacterial action against pyogenic cocci, antibiotic-resistant staphylococci and some Gram-negative bacilli. Activity is retained in the presence of organic matter such as pus and lacrimal secretion.

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