Cross-database IDs

EMBL; L13292; AAA61836.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
EMBL; CP003504; AFM70730.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
PIR; B45995; B45995.
RefSeq; YP_006487621.1; NC_018081.1.
ProteinModelPortal; P05425; -.
TCDB; 3.A.3.5.2; the p-type atpase (p-atpase) superfamily.
EnsemblBacteria; AFM70730; AFM70730; EHR_09090.
GeneID; 13177747; -.
KEGG; ehr:EHR_09090; -.
BioCyc; EHIR768486:GLCW-1799-MONOMER; -.
SABIO-RK; P05425; -.
GO; GO:0016021; C:integral to membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
GO; GO:0005886; C:plasma membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell.
GO; GO:0005524; F:ATP binding; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
GO; GO:0019829; F:cation-transporting ATPase activity; IEA:InterPro.
GO; GO:0046872; F:metal ion binding; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
GO; GO:0006825; P:copper ion transport; IEA:UniProtKB-KW.
Gene3D;; -; 1.
Gene3D; 3.40.1110.10; -; 1.
Gene3D;; -; 2.
InterPro; IPR023299; ATPase_P-typ_cyto_domN.
InterPro; IPR018303; ATPase_P-typ_P_site.
InterPro; IPR008250; ATPase_P-typ_transduc_dom_A.
InterPro; IPR027256; Cation_transp_P-typ_ATPase_IB.
InterPro; IPR001757; Cation_transp_P_typ_ATPase.
InterPro; IPR023214; HAD-like_dom.
Pfam; PF00122; E1-E2_ATPase; 1.
Pfam; PF00702; Hydrolase; 1.
SUPFAM; SSF56784; SSF56784; 2.
TIGRFAMs; TIGR01525; ATPase-IB_hvy; 1.
TIGRFAMs; TIGR01494; ATPase_P-type; 1.
PROSITE; PS00154; ATPASE_E1_E2; 1.

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